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About Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket is your average tweenager. Her favorite colors are purple and green, and she loves polka dots and ponytails. She spends her time baking cakes, singing and, of course, shopping with her pals Lia, Chrissy and Rick. Oh, and she has a roller coaster in her backyard and a menagerie of exotic pets, including kangaroos and monkeys. Even though Polly Pocket may not exactly live in the real world, there's nothing fictional about her powerhouse franchise. Like most enduring children's characters, Polly Pocket has received a number of makeovers, and there's a huge difference between the Polly of today and the one of yesteryear. Vintage Polly Pocket dolls and toys by the original manufacturer, Bluebird Toys, were tiny hard-cast plastic figurines that fit in clamshell cases small enough to slide in your pocket. Inside each different clamshell is a different Pollyworld location, including cozy homes, blooming gardens, and boutique stores. These throwback Pollys are perfect for die hard fans and collectors. Modern Pollys are approximately four times as large and have poseable limbs and interchangeable clothing made of flexible plastic. Polly is a self-proclaimed fashionista, so clothing sets and accessory combinations abound. You can even find complete play sets that include a dwelling or vehicle and all the trimmings. Your child can deck Polly out for a swim party complete with waterslide and jet ski or watch her take to the skies in her own private airliner. Polly doesn't just exist in the physical world, either. She's the star of various books, movies and video games, and her website is brimming with interactive games for hours of fun.