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About Polki

Breathtaking jewels set in precious metals create the classic look of Polki jewelry. It has traditional Indian glamour, so there is nothing small or simplistic about the look. Also sometimes referred to as Kundan jewelry, it is the oldest jewelry form still manufactured and worn in India. The name Polki translates to uncut diamonds, and these stones give each piece a unique quality. You can find these gems arranged in time-honored Indian Polki jewelry for head adornments or modern settings for Polki earrings. No matter which look you want to add to your jewelry box you can find beautiful designs and large selections through eBay from reliable sellers. The inventory includes elegant bangles, as well as necklaces that seem to have layer upon layer of jewels. Be sure to look for these designs in sets, where you can get the traditional necklace, earrings, bangles, and even a headpiece for an elegant Polki jewelry ensemble.