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About Polka Dot Ribbons

The dress was almost perfect; the sky blue raw silk fabric looked elegant and the stitching was straight and even, but there was still something missing. Emily took out a length of polka dot ribbon and held it next to the simple strapless dress. "Perfect," she thought, and pinned it around the bodice under the bust. The satin polka dot ribbon transformed the plain dress into a pretty summer sundress with a ribbon trim and a bow in the center. Much like that ribbon transformed Emily's dress into a unique garment, a length of polka dot ribbon can turn many different sewing projects into eye-catching pieces. Use the trim to finish the edges of your pillow shams or tie them into bows and sew them onto shoe clips; there are numerous possibilities. Reliable sellers on eBay offer quite the selection of ribbons. Browse through yellow, pink, black, blue, and red polka dot ribbon selections in a variety of widths and finishes.