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About Polk Subwoofer

You have not truly listened to a song until you pass it through a subwoofer. If you want a distortion-free listening experience, then you should consider adding a Polk subwoofer to your home theater speaker setup. A subwoofer delivers true bass over a wide frequency range. The Polk Audio PSW110, for example, has a 10-inch cone driver and a 50-watt built-in amplifier to produce a dynamic balance of bass tones over frequencies ranging from 35 Hz to 250 Hz. The result? You will hear low bass clearly for a change and loud bass will not be distorted by pulsating blowback of the sound itself. The PSW110 works with most speakers and comes in a nicely finished black box. If you want the same power in a stylish package, then you should consider the cherry Polk subwoofer, which is the PSW110 with a cherry oak finish. Whether you choose the cherry or black Polk subwoofer, you can find both among the wide selection of new and used home audio products available on eBay.