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About Police Siren

The hit of the New Year's Day parade is always the police car or the fire truck with the flashing lights and the police siren. You can hear that 100-watt police car siren even over the roar of the crowd and the cheering children. The siren that you found on eBay offers plenty of powerful noise at 300 decibels and plugs right into the 12-volt adapter in your car or truck. Built from rugged ABS plastic, this noisemaker includes five separate preprogrammed sounds including the hooter, the ambulance sound, the fire truck sound, the police siren sound, and the traffic buzzer. Use the included control switch to change sounds and to adjust the volume from minimum to ear-shattering maximum with just the touch of a button. The police siren mounts easily to any vehicle with a sticky retaining sleeve that you press onto the dashboard. Check out the Harley police siren in modern or vintage models to finish off that old 1954 Harley police model bike that you have been restoring. Mounted on the handlebars with two bolts, the all-metal vintage siren adds a cool feature to your bike.

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