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About Pole Barn

They are flexible enough to store boats, raise animals, house a business or even live in, which is why the popular pole barn has been America's building method of choice for non-residential out-buildings for almost 100 years. The ease of constructing a pole barn is their main attraction for most builders and owners, with their economical and readily-available components making them quick and efficient to assemble. Many pole barns come as kits. An owner can find the plan he or she likes, order the kit associated with the plan and get a complete delivery that includes trusses, boards, nails, exterior steel siding and doors. If the side posts and trusses of a pole barn are raised, the rest of the construction — everything from window framing to siding to door installation — can be handled by a single person, making them an economical and impressive do-it-yourself project. Finishing a pole barn for use as a business location or a home is as easy as adding blown or batted insulation to the walls or ceiling and covering it with sheetrock. There are a vase selection of pole barns, plans and products on eBay, so finding the right pole barn for your application is easy.