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About Polaris Xplorers

The thrill of driving an off-road all-terrain vehicle is one that is difficult to match; the idea of leaping and bounding over hills and rocks has your adrenaline pumping just thinking about it. This is one of the primary reasons you cannot help but invest in a Polaris Xplorer. With its 378 cc liquid-cooled engine and automatic variable transmission, your Polaris Xplorer 400 has been with you on every off-road journey on which you have embarked ever since you purchased it. There are, however, options outside of the 400 model of the Polaris Xplorer; for example, the Xplorer 500 has a beastly 499 cc engine and a towing capacity of 850 pounds. Unfortunately, your Polaris Xplorer transmission has seen better days, so you are looking to extend the life of your favorite all-terrain vehicle as soon as possible. After researching possible options for new and used parts by browsing the wide selection of products available on eBay, you find yourself prepared to get your Polaris Xplorer ATV back in action and ready for the thrill of the off-road life.