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About Polaris X2

Hauling rocks to a work site on your ATV makes you want to hit the trail and speed through the woods over everything in your path. With the Polaris Sportsman X2, you can switch from work to play with ease because of its trail-friendly features. The steering axis is mounted in a neutral position on the front tires, reducing jolts to the steering wheel, caused by hitting obstacles. This helps you climb over any terrain without wearing yourself down. The Polaris 800 X2 has on-demand four-wheel drive that engages when you need more traction and then reverts to two-wheel drive when you do not, so your ATV switches terrains with ease. When you need to work, the Polaris 550 X2 gives you unmatched power. It lets you tow 1,500 pounds and carry 400 pounds in the box and 120 pounds on the front rack, letting you get jobs done in a hurry, so you can get back on the trail. eBay features a wide range of Polaris Sportsman X2 parts from reliable sellers so you can keep your ATV running smoothly.