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About Polaris Snowmobile

A snow machine offers an exhilarating and practical blend of skiing and motorcycling that is suitable for a fun ride on the snow, touring, or surveying a huge site covered in the white stuff. The first mass-produced snow machine, the Polaris snowmobile, appeared in 1955 in Roseau, Minnesota. After World War II, David Johnson joined forces with brothers Edgar and Allen Hetteen to develop a way to travel the 18 snowy miles to his hunting shack. Instead of making the trip on cross-country skis or snowshoes, he rode on a vehicle made with parts from farm equipment, a Model T, and a junked Chevy. The rest is history. Look to eBay's reliable sellers to find a Polaris snowmobile of your own as well as replacement or spare skis and protective helmets. The site is a great source of Polaris snowmobile parts for repairs and to keep the machine in prime condition. Additionally, a Polaris snowmobile cover protects the seat and the operational components from snowfall, rain, and debris.