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About Polaris Ranger Windshield

When rocks come skipping down the slope or an icicle chooses just the wrong moment to fall from a tree branch overhanging the path, you want to know that your utility vehicle's windshield can protect you. A Polaris Ranger windshield is a shatter-proof fiberglass sheet that can stand up to both high winds and high-impact punishment. An OEM Polaris Ranger windshield cracks and spider webs without exploding inward, meaning you never have to worry about flying shards or sudden breakage even when the windshield is struck by rocks, branches, or other unpredictable forces that can threaten utility vehicles while they patrol grounds or transport passengers. A Polaris Ranger glass windshield substitutes high-strength industrial glass for fiberglass, though many makes are woven through with fiberglass threads to prevent the screen from shattering. This gives a clearer view that is easier to clean and to maintain but which still has extremely high tensile strength capable of standing up to accidental impacts. You can find a Polaris Ranger windshield through the vast inventory of windshields on eBay.