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About Polaris Ranger 500

When it comes to off road trails, few vehicles will eat up the dirt like an ATV. Among ATVs, few models earn the level of respect and admiration of the durable Polaris Ranger 500. Polaris produces an impressive line of vehicles, ranging from 2-seater racing ATVs to four-seat adventure models. The Ranger is a 2-seater, with a tall cage of roll bars to protect driver and passenger in the case of a flip. The Polaris Ranger 500 engine puts out an impressive 500ccs, more than enough to power the unit past 40 miles per hour. The newer Ranger models also feature such modern innovations as electronic fuel injection, On-Demand All-Wheel Drive, and plenty of other features. The Ranger has the reputation as a workhorse, since its bed comes with dumping capabilities and suspension that rivals that of larger vehicles. The Ranger also comes in a Crew iteration, which expands the passenger limit to four. You can find Polaris Ranger 500 starters, as well as fully functioning vehicles, on sale by browsing the large inventory on eBay. The Polaris Ranger continues to set the standard for ATVs.