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About Polaris Indy 500

Dan Wheldon, Dario Franchitti, and Tony Kanaan might call themselves race winners, but when it comes to real Indy champions, the Polaris Indy 500 reigns supreme. The Polaris Indy 500 is a large snowmobile belonging to the large family of Polaris outdoor equipment. This snowmobile operates using a powerful four-two engine, which comes with a turbo-charge kit, quenching even the most ardent rider's need for speed. This engine has a two-cylinder design, which is among the simplest engine layouts, and the easiest to maintain. The 500 features nearly 30 inches of fuel displacement, giving it the power it needs to run smoothly in the coldest conditions. The frame of the 500 includes a combination of class, minerals, and carbide. It runs on standard gasoline, and has a fuel tank with a capacity of slightly less than 12 gallons. Although this model classifies as an entry-level snowmobile, it features a number of luxurious accessories, including heated handles. As much as the 500 likes playing in the sleet and snow, it needs proper care to keep going. Thanks to the large inventory on eBay, you can find all the parts you need for preventative maintenance and quick cures. You can ensure long days of comfortable riding with a Polaris Indy 500 seat, perhaps featuring a comfortable leather lining. Look for practical parts, too, like a Polaris Indy 500 windshield, along with many more items.