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About Polar Express

Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see. Well, the conductor?s mystical words to the boy in the movie, "Polar Express," are fortunately not necessarily true when it comes to seeing what is available from reliable sellers on eBay who offer everything from the conductor?s bell, to a Lionel Polar Express train set, to "Polar Express" tickets, and the movie DVD. "Polar Express" has become a wintry pop culture since the movie?s release in 2004, and a theme to which not only collectors but also the "believers" have swarmed. There are "Polar Express" festivals, musicals, even a "Polar Express" Day in some communities, where children are treated to a re-enactment as they are ushered to the tracks by a conductor holding a flickering lantern in the dark. Although the movie made most of the craze go viral, the piece of "Polar Express" merchandise that still serves as its foundation is the book by Chris Van Allsburg, released in 1985. Grab the book, your conductor?s bell, the ticket to board, and snuggle up with your young one in the sleeper car for a good bedtime read during the holidays.