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About Pokemon Next Destinies

Think the journey is over when you?ve caught ?em all? Well, all you can think again: card-slinging captors crack open a fresh pack of Pok?mon Next Destinies cards. Just when you thought you had finally discovered all there is to know about Unova, the fourth Black & White expansion, Next Destinies, opens up a whole new world of Pok?mon you knew and loved (or loved to hate)! Check out nearly 40 of your old favorites from outside the Unova region, with new looks and new powers, but all the same fun. Battles getting just a little bit too easy for your super-evolved team of pros? Load up your Pok?balls and look out for the return of the Pok?mon-EX versions of some of your old favorites. If your crew were afraid of MewTwo before, you're in for a challenge now, with nearly double the health and new damage abilities! With the reliable sellers on eBay, it?s easy to find individual packs, or better your odds at getting the best secret cards with a full Booster Box. You?ll find all you need to level your team up and keep up the fight to become a Pok?master?it?s your destiny. Get your friends together and team up against the newest, scariest challenges in the Pok?world with Pok?mon Next Destinies.