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About Pokemon Cards

The battle is coming to a close, and your last Pokemon, Squirtle, stands in front of you, represented by one of the many Pokemon cards you have on the field of play. This popular card game spawned a TV series and a multitude of video games. It is one of the most lucrative game-based media franchises after Nintendo's Mario Brothers franchise. You can train a variety of super cool Pokemon, including Charmander who transforms into Charmeleon and then the powerful Charizard. The Plasma Storm Charizard is at the top of the list of rare Pokemon cards. If you are unsure about which set to collect, Pokemon Black and White cards are a good choice. Some of the other prominent Pokemon sets include Pokemon X and Y, Silver and Gold, and Red and Green. eBay offers a huge assortment of Pokemon cards and an immense number of Pokemon games and accessories. Cards come in unopened packs or individually.