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About Pocket Projector

With the heavy laptop and projector you haul around, life as a road warrior is pretty tough and you have rock-hard biceps to show for it. Yet a smarter way to do presentations for your clients is with a pocket projector and the powerful smartphone already in your pocket. These pocket projectors keep getting better and smaller. With a palm-sized projector connected to your smartphone, you can share your wonderful ideas with clients easily anywhere and at any time. These tiny projectors have built-in rechargeable batteries and sufficiently powerful LED lights to beam images on any smooth surface. They connect to PCs and smartphones via HDMI, but if you have an iPhone then you need a special HDMI cable that can connect with Apple's proprietary 30-pin or lightning connector. Whether you want to pitch your business idea in an elevator or watch a movie with your family at home, a pocket projector is the compact and portable solution you need for quick multimedia viewing. Ditch your old, heavy projector and find one among the large inventory on eBay.