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About Pocahontas Costumes

Historical and fun to wear, Pocahontas costumes celebrate early American history. Made with soft suede/faux suede sewn into ragged hemlines, fringe, and lowered necklines, most costumes are available as a one-piece dress, in a variety of lengths, with boots and a feathered headband. The Disney Pocahontas costume is cut for girls and women to match the Disney cartoon that featured Irene Bedard as the voice and physical model for the character. The distinctive turquoise necklace, earrings, and bracelet sets are also offered from reliable sellers of Disney products on eBay. Of course, adult Pocahontas costumes come in shorter lengths with bustier tunics. Most costumes listed are available in new or used conditions, or even handmade. Used Halloween costumes tend to be worn one time only, and have plenty of life left in them. Search for Pocahontas costumes that include all the accessories, wig, headdress, boots, and jewelry. To save some time and energy look for a pre-styled wig made of artificial hair that is already braided to duplicate the Native American maiden.