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About Pocahontas - Disney

The kids have always loved Disney movies, and "Pocahontas" remains their firm favorite even as they have aged. Unbeknownst to many, Pocahontas was actually a real person with the Disney movie being a musical retelling of the famous story. The Englishman John Smith and his crew had dealings with Native Americans during the colonial expansion of America. He was said to have fallen in love with Pocahontas, the daughter of a prominent chieftain, who wed him and bore him a son. If the kids want to be able to enjoy their favorite movie time and again at home, you can buy them their very own "Pocahontas" DVD. Best of all, an official Disney "Pocahontas" DVD also features many added extras, including cast commentaries, a peek behind the scenes, and many deleted scenes so the kids can see something truly original for the very first time. Whether you are looking for a regular "Pocahontas" DVD, Disney Blu-ray discs, or other merchandise from any of the studio's most famous pictures, you can find everything you need on eBay. With a huge range of reliable sellers and plenty of convenient shipping options, you can find everything you need with a minimum of fuss.