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About Plymouth Voyager

The Plymouth Voyager helped transform the van from something that tradesmen and rock musicians drove into a family-friendly vehicle suitable for ferrying kids from school to soccer practice. The first Voyager vans were large and functional, catering to drivers who needed to transport loads of goods or people. First introduced in 1974, they held up to 15 people and could carry a lot of weight. By the 1980s, the Chrysler Corporation realized that there was a demand for family vans. It rebranded the Plymouth Voyager into a minivan that could hold anywhere between five to eight passengers, and soccer moms everywhere rejoiced. The model was a huge success, and production continued into 2000. During its run, it continued to evolve, and Plymouth Voyager seat options, body design, and safety features changed with each redesign. The last Voyagers rolled off the line in 2000, and sales of new vehicles stopped in 2003, but there are still plenty of used vans available. Sellers on eBay offer a variety of choices, from the full-sized vans of the 1970s to the family-friendly vehicles of the 1990s. They also sell a variety parts, such as OEM Plymouth Voyager radiators, alternators, and fuel pumps to keep the van vrooming.