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About Plymouth Valiant

The reliable slant six engine found in the staid four-door Plymouth Valiant keeps you on the road, year after year. The workhorse of the 1960s and early 1970s, the Valiant was Plymouth's answer to its competition in the compact car market. Available as a sedan, station wagon, and two-door coupe, the Valiant featured either the 170 or 225 slant six engine and a 3-speed manual or automatic transmission. While the A-body unibody construction remained consistent throughout the Plymouth Valiant's production, the exterior styling evolved through the years with the changing taste in automotive design. By the second generation, with the 1963 Plymouth Valiant, the tailfins disappeared into a soft sweeping look from the front hood to the back of the car, and a convertible was added to the line. The 1967 Plymouth Valiant introduced the third generation of Valiants, incorporating the rectangular styling typical of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Valiant enthusiasts look to the reliable sellers on eBay for used, unrestored, and restored Valiants, particularly in the early model sedans. You can also find original parts, OEM parts, and repair and shop manuals amid the myriad of listings, allowing you to finish the restoration of your own vintage Valiant.