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About Pluto

While he never has much to say, Pluto commands the hearts of fans everywhere with his lovable personality. The often-silent companion of Mickey Mouse is just as iconic a character as the rest of the clan. He may be sniffing out lost items in the Clubhouse, or tagging along on one of Mickey's adventures, but he is always ready to save the day. From the floppy ears to the hanging tongue ready to give a lick, kids everywhere love this adorable Disney character. Give a Pluto plush to your favorite young fan or find one of the many other items to collect, such as a figurine or pin. Check out the reliable sellers on eBay to find new items and even vintage Pluto for the kid in you. This little guy makes a wonderful gift for a kid's birthday or other special occasion. Why not pick one out for your own Disney collection? After all, you are never too old to enjoy the lovable, adorable Pluto.