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About Plush Blankets

You can feel it coming: the lump in your throat, the airway constriction, the decrease in your ability to taste. You're getting a cold and there's nothing you can do about it except grab the nearest bottle of orange juice, a cup of soup and a plush blanket. A thick plush blanket is just what the doctor ordered to give you warmth and comfort while you stay home and recover from a cold, de-stress from work, or just cuddle up with loved ones. A twin plush blanket does double duty: it's the perfect size for your couch, but then you can transfer the same blanket to your bed for nighttime. To find the size and color of plush blanket you want, browse eBay's huge inventory. Reliable sellers have blankets to add style, color, and comfort to your space. Vitamin C, zinc, soup, and tissues are important when you're sick, but that perfect blanket makes all the difference.