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About Playing Cards

You look at the playing cards in your hand, and a bead of sweat forms on your brow. You have nothing, but you are a great bluffer so you decide to ride it out. Your opponent smiles, calls your bluff, and wins the hand. Only afterwards does he admit that your old cards contain marks and nicks from years of use, and he learned the distinguishing marks on them. Even if you are only playing card games for fun, an unmarked deck is essential to your enjoyment. Ditch your old set and head to eBay, where sellers offer a huge range of playing cards. The traditional choice is a deck of Bicycle playing cards, a trusted brand from the United States Playing Card Company. If you play regularly, it is a good idea to invest in plastic playing cards, which are hardwearing and less likely to crease and mark. Online sellers also offer rare playing cards that may interest collectors. This includes limited edition branded and vintage decks. Once you have your new playing cards, the only thing left to worry about is your other obvious tells.