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About Platform Sandals

You want the height and glamour of heels, but the idea of stomping around all day on the balls of your feet makes you cringe. Platform sandals can give you all that height, without the pain, and let you show off your last pedicure, too. Open-toe wedge platform sandals are great for formal wear, as long as the materials are appropriate for the event. Modern designs look more like dressy heels than hippie gear, using leather-clad heels instead of old-fashioned cork for the platform. You can find them in real and fake leather with delicate straps and adornments, or add your own trim, such as shoe bows and gem encrusted clips that add elegance to plain shoes. For casual occasions, flat platform sandals are wonderfully comfortable. They often provide more support than flats, and cushion your feet from impact pressure on hard ground and cement floors. If open shoes are appropriate, they also provide ventilation to your feet to keep them cool and dry, making them one of the most comfortable and healthful shoes available. Some platform flats feature ergonomic design to improve posture and increase muscle tone. The vast inventory of platform sandals on eBay can be a little overwhelming, but you are sure to find a pair for every occasion and in a rainbow of colors.