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About Plastic Sleeves

Plastic sleeves are a must-have when it comes to protecting your collection of trading cards, CD-Rs or even your favorite music albums. Plastic card sleeves protect your investment whether you collect vintage baseball cards, Pokemon or even Wacky Packs from the 1980s. Hard sleeves offer even more protection for your prized individual cards, or opt for sheets of sleeves designed to fit in binders to keep your entire collection stashed safely in the same place, alphabetically, in order of issue, or by year. Plastic CD sleeves come in just as handy for CDs, CD-ROMs or even DVDs. Like card sleeves, sheets of CD sleeves that fit inside a binder are also available. If you collect vintage postcards, there are even plastic sleeves designed for popular postcard sizes. No matter which type of plastic sleeves you seek for your special project or collection, reliable sellers on eBay offer a vast assortment, in a number of sizes and quantities best suited to your needs.