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About Plastic Shopping Bags

You sigh in frustration as the paper bag carrying all of your groceries splits in the driveway, scattering cans and spilling several containers of fresh fruit on the pavement. This same scenario unfolded just a week earlier, leaving you scrambling to find plastic shopping bags for your next outing. In addition to being eco-friendly, these bags offer a bit more durability than paper bags, often meaning greater storage space for your produce and other items. A search reveals large cases of 100 percent recyclable bags along with high-density plastic merchandise bags that promise to hold larger quantities at once. Small plastic bags work well for fast trips to the store and come in a variety of colors from plain white material to striped or dotted designs. If you need more space, however, it is best to go with the large plastic bags, which are easy to find thanks to the vast inventory on eBay. Some plastic bags offer handles for better transportation, while others feature low-density material. Some plastic shopping bags have high-quality construction with tear resistance.