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About Plantronics

Plantronics headsets let you hear clearly whether you're zooming along the freeway, trekking through the woods or seated comfortably at your office desk. Plantronics has a line of products dedicated specially for use with mobile devices, such as cell phones, MP3 players and tablets. If regular earbuds just won't stay put during a vigorous workout or even your subway commute, then try the affordable, secure BackBeat 216 or the MX2005 with rubberized inserts. If high quality sound is your primary concern, then try upgrading to the BackBeat 116. Its neodymium micro-speakers give a balanced tone. Get rid of wires altogether with the BackBeat Go, incredibly light earbuds connected to each other—but not your device—with flexible wire, or the BackBeat 903+, with a stable wrap-around design. If you aren't concerned about surround sound, you can opt for a single-ear Bluetooth device, such as the Voyager Legend or the Voyager Pro HD, which are ideal for taking calls on the road. The Pro can answer your calls for you, check your email, stream music and give you Facebook updates. Even though its headphones are optimized for listening, Plantronics also has you covered when it comes to speaking. Most headphones come equipped with high-quality microphones so your voice doesn't skip, muffle or take on a tunnel-like tone. Plantronics doesn't stop with mobile headsets. It offers a variety of office and home solutions, including handheld phones, docking stations and sophisticated over-the-ear headphones designed specifically for video gamers. The company even offers lightweight in-ear gaming headphones for when you want to play on your phone, tablet or other mobile device.