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About Planter Plates

You got your John Deere corn planter up and running, and now you need to find planter plates to start your garden. You know there are specific planter plates for certain types of seed, so you will need more than just one set. The guy from whom you bought your seed gave you a chart that displays the John Deere planter plates that you need, so now all you have to do is find them. You start your search on eBay, and luckily, you find that several reliable sellers offer the planter plates you need. They offer cast iron planter plates, international plates, and those designed specifically for your John Deere. With fast and convenient shipping options, you can get the planter plates delivered in plenty of time to get your seed in the ground. With new planter plates, you can use those old rusted ones that came with your corn planter to hang around the barn as cool rustic decor.