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About Plaid Shirts

To some people, wearing a plaid shirt may seem boring and unsophisticated. But this menswear staple is a great item to keep around for both guys and girls, as it is extremely versatile and can add some style and texture to any outfit. Think a woman's plaid shirt seems too masculine? Think again. Wear it with a flouncy skirt and heels for an ultra-feminine look. A flannel shirt also makes a great extra layer for those chilly days, whether you're wearing a dress with leggings or shirt and pants. A button-up top and jeans are a classic look, but you can add some flair with a denim miniskirt or short shorts instead. However you want to wear it, you will surely find the right plaid shirt from the many reliable sellers on eBay. Go ahead and mix it up with this classic, stylish shirt.