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About Pit Bike Wheels

Start zipping around the mud or mire again. Whether you need to replace a worn-out wheel on your pit bike, or you are building your own bike and need fashionable wheels to complete the look, you can find a wide selection of pit bike wheels on eBay. Add a punch of color with 10-inch pit bike wheels with red rims. These front and rear, aluminum, anodized alloy rims come with spokes and a hub setup. They are standardized to fit stock XR/CRF pit bikes. If a bright color is not your style, find black 14-inch Coolster TaoTao pit bike wheels. These will fit any Chinese-made pit bikes with a disc brake assembly. They have heavy-duty spokes and an anodized alloy rim as well. They are a good upgrade to your bike, as they allow for better stability at high speeds and allow the bike to roll more easily over obstacles. You can also experience more ground clearance with these wheels. Find the right wheels for you and get excited to ride your favorite pit bike again.