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About Pit Bikes

Function and affordability are not the opposites of power and agility in the racing bike market. Ask anyone who has ever ridden on a pit bike, and this fact becomes immediately clear. Though these small on/off-road motorcycles originated as a way to get around the pits and staging areas of dirt bike racing tracks, the compact and lightweight design of pit bikes quickly led creative riders to see what they could do on their own. Over the years, advanced technology and building techniques have changed everything from the size of pit bike engines to the structure of their bodies to make these small, affordable vehicles viable racers in their own right. In addition, their agile structure and lightweight frame makes them excellent trick bikes. Though most commonly used in motocross, different pit bike styles and riding techniques exist around globe, from southern California to Japan. No matter your discipline or interest, building, adding to, or maintaining your bike with various pit bike wheels, motors, swing arms, and more is easy when you shop the large inventory of bikes and parts on eBay. Think outside the box and match your need for thrills and speed with the type of bike designed to fill it while providing function around a dirt bike track as well.