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About Pirate Hats

Scurvy, salty, sea-dogs are now as highly regarded as the professional sailors that once hunted them. Pirates may have a reputation for looting and destruction, but kids and adults alike are more than happy to don pirate hats and assume the mantle of famous pirates from popular culture. Despite the fact that historical piracy was an extremely base and bloodthirsty act, popular culture has a romantic view of the pirate. Thanks to immensely popular fictional representations, like Long John Silver from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel "Treasure Island," and the evergreen Captain Hook from a range of "Peter Pan" productions, humorous swashbuckling pirates are now considered charming and heroic. If you have your heart set on attending your next costume party as a pirate, there is a large range of pirate hats that are instantly recognizable. A pirate captain hat is often made of leather, incorporates a large feather, or is decorated with the famous Jolly Roger icon. If you want to dress as a famous movie pirate, a "Pirates of the Caribbean" hat from the popular movie of the same name allows almost anyone to strut their stuff as the iconic Jack Sparrow, made famous by the actor Johnny Depp. No matter for which type of hat you are looking, you are sure to find a huge selection of hats, costumes, and accessories on eBay.