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About Pintle Hitch

You are constantly towing large and heavy pieces of equipment and your ball hitch is no longer able to keep up with your demand. It is time to upgrade to a pintle hitch. Pintle hitches are able to provide towing capabilities that ball hitches cannot match, as they utilize a locking design and are typically made of hard metals and alloys. New and used pintle hitches vary in capabilities with many able to accommodate 10,000 to 60,000 lbs. and more of tow weight, so you can easily tow extremely heavy pieces of equipment including cranes, tankers, and other large vehicle types. These types of hitches are versatile and they have no trouble through rough terrain, so they are great for construction and military applications. To utilize this type of hitch, you also need a pintle hitch receiver, which is typically adjustable, features a hitch-pin hole, and is attached with a flat plate. A pintle hitch is a hard-working add-on for your trailer, making it ideal for heavy-duty jobs, and the large inventory available on eBay has you covered so you can find the right hitch size to get the job done.