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About Pink Wallet

Coins are spilling out of your pockets, and you are leaving a trail of crumpled bills in your wake. If you happen to love the color pink, maybe it is time to choose a pink wallet to contain your overflowing funds before they disappear. In addition to having a stylish way to flaunt your affluence, you can use the wallet for some much needed organization. When it comes to wallets, the options are diverse in terms of colors and sizes. You can find wallets in different shades of pink, from rose petal to cranberry, dark cherry, and everything in between. Some wallets come in large, square shapes, while others are small and round. On eBay, you can peruse a large collection of new and used wallets in various shapes and sizes to find a pink wallet that is right for you. Perhaps a hot pink wallet in a bold, bright shade with plenty of pockets is just what you need to draw attention. If you prefer a designer brand name, look for a pink Coach wallet made by your favorite designer to match your Coach bag.