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About Ping G20

No set of golf clubs will turn you into a pro, but the Ping G20 series may be the closest thing to making it happen. For those who need a little more help on the links, eBay's reliable sellers provide many individual clubs and full sets for the Ping G20 fan. With high quality craftsman ship and top notch materials, distance and accuracy come standard with all Ping G20 clubs. The titanium alloy head of the Ping G20 driver comes equipped with external weighting, providing high launch and low spin shots off the tee. Once you land on the fairway, a set of Ping G20 irons will get you the rest of the way to the green with their specially designed large sweet spots and smaller "super" sweet spots. To finish it off, the Ping G20 putter offers multiple marks and lightweight design for easy putting. Pick up a set of Ping G20 clubs from eBay, bring your skills to the course an let the clubs do the rest.