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About Ping G15s

There are two kinds of golfers: those who love the looks of their clubs and those who love to win. If you belong in the latter group, then Ping G15 clubs are for you. A Ping G15 driver has a large 460 cc, triangular head, a thin face, and external sole weight. It is not a beauty queen, but it does deliver fast ball speeds with low spins from steep launches. This driver will forgive your clumsiness and put the ball as far as you want it. Beside the G15 driver, Ping G15 irons are not the most beautiful clubs, but they have consistently produced winners at Opens and Masters?so much so that the U.S. Golf Association banned all Ping Irons in 1966 for fear that they gave golfers an unfair advantage. With the extreme forgiveness of the G15 iron, they may well be right. If you would rather win than swing fancy clubs down the green, you should check out the wide selection of Ping G15 clubs available on eBay.