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About Pinback Buttons

For well over a century, people have employed the use of pin back buttons to express messages that vary from support for a political candidate to their favorite ice cream or silly TV slogan. By cleverly twisting a pointed wire and securing it behind a metal button, Benjamin Whitehead created the first pin back button that changed the face of advertising. Many people collect vintage pin back buttons that display popular music phrases and lines from popular songs such as, "It's the real thing." Vintage Hippie peace symbols buttons are a popular collectible as well as Disney buttons. Some of the most prolific avenues of these badges are the political pin back buttons. From "Win with Wilson" to "I Voted for Obama," political buttons for all parties and in most all races over the last several decades are available to collectors and traders on eBay, most in good to mint condition. Whether you want smiley faces or Al Gore, giggling minions or McKinley for president, pin back buttons tell the story of the country's history and pop culture in a sharp and unique way.