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About Pilot Helmets

Relieve the glory days of your aviation career with a pilot helmet from a long, proud history of aeronautical heroes. Alternatively, pay homage to your veteran's sacrifices by gifting him a vintage pilot helmet or other military collectible. Although the history of aviation is short when compared to other military activities, there have been so many innovations that it is easy to find period helmets in an array of styles. Most collectors categorize flight gear as either propeller era or jet era. Prior to the end of WWII, aviator helmets merely protected pilots from the cold with leather construction and perhaps a fleece lining. Radio technology brought adaptations for headphones, so when shopping for collectible flight helmets, note that those with earflaps for access came about after the 1930s. As the jet age bloomed, flight helmets were useful for higher altitudes, with oxygen masks and reinforcement for emergency ejection. If you are looking for a Vietnam pilot helmet for your collection, or as a gift, you are sure to see flight gear from the mid-1960s incorporating dual visors for bomber pilots, and advanced breathing masks for fighter pilots. Show your appreciation for your veteran's service by gifting a pilot helmet from his or her tour of duty era. You can find a wide selection of flight helmets and other collectibles on eBay from knowledgeable sellers who specialize in military memorabilia.