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About Pikachu Costumes

With its long, pointed ears, thick yellow body, zigzagging tail, and red cheeks, the fire mouse roars its name: Pikachu. The most popular Pokemon and one of the most timeless cartoon characters for kids, a Pikachu costume is one that will certainly generate a lot of electricity. The 25th Pokemon in the lengthy Pokedex, Pikachu is an electric type that has won over hearts for years. There are multiple ways that kids and adults can wear a Pikachu Halloween costume this year. A yellow hoodie with trademark Pikachu ears and a face is an easy way to show some Halloween spirit without an ornate getup. Children can try a Pikachu mascot costume complete with a mask that includes large breathing and seeing holes. No matter which way that you want to dress up as Pikachu for Halloween, you can find a variety of costumes for the season on eBay. Instead of running out to Halloween store after Halloween store, you can save time and instead practice your voice in your Pikachu costume so that you are ready to go on Halloween night.