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About Piggy Banks

As a kid, making your bed every morning was hard work, as was putting away your toys, helping Dad rake the leaves, and helping Mom put away the groceries, but it was all worthwhile when you heard the jingle of the coins you earned plunking down into your piggy bank. Everyone has memories of learning to be thrifty and responsible with money while also learning the value of work, with a piggy bank at the center of it all. Kids continue to benefit from the adorable practice, and the market for interesting, colorful, outlandish, and traditional piggy banks has never been wider. Some have stoppers on the underside, some have plugged or threaded caps for noses, and some still need to be smashed to collect the dough within. The vast inventory on eBay includes Ceramic Piggy Banks, plastic piggy banks, and a wide variety of other piggy bank types. These include ones that are new and old, collectible and breakable alike. Vintage piggy banks make charming decorative items on mantels and shelves. Oversize banks remain potentially useful for years, holding impressive quantities of coinage. Exotic tribal clay banks from around the world round out a collector's cabinet.