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About Pierced Ear Cuffs

If you have been intrigued by the idea of an edgier look for your ears but could never decide on specifics, versatile no-piercing jewelry may be the answer. You can easily accomplish a pierced ear cuff look with a no-fuss piece that simply hooks onto the earlobe. Many of these styles are adjustable for comfortable, secure all-day wear. For a simple yet bold statement, choose a long, smooth no-piercing ear cuff in alloy silver. Meanwhile, a larger hook that comes up behind the ear and has tassels of chains and arrowheads hanging down creates a dramatic look. In much the same vein, an intricate snake earring that coils around the earlobe in antique copper finish makes for an outstanding conversation starter. The tip of the snake's tail connects with a thin wire, fine enough to slip through a standard ear piercing, mimicking a gauged-ear look. If a romantic vibe is what you are after, look for non pierced ear cuffs with delicate filigree designs in 14-karat gold over a silver fill that measure just a 1/4 inch wide. Some of these pierced ear cuff styles are suitable for either ear, while others are made especially for the right or left. Browse the vast inventory on eBay, and save yourself a trip to the body piercing shop.

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