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About Pie Safes

In the olden days before refrigerators were household items, pie safes were utilitarian pieces, rather than decorative. Freestanding pie safes stand on long legs to keep them off the floor. Wooden doors and sometimes sides are ventilated with screen wire or perforated tin plates. Antique pie safes are about the same size as a large bureau. There are many different sizes and styles of pie safes. The most common are the freestanding style, but some are made to hang on the wall, and are built the same as the freestanding, minus the legs. Although the safes are available in different widths, the standard depth of shelves is 17 inches. Pie safes are painted, stained, or distressed. Today, they are used as functional and decorative pieces of decor, especially in rustic and shabby chic decorating. Tulips, eagles, stars, and church scenes are popular designs for punched tin pie safes. Some of the more modern pie safes have glass front doors with ventilated backs and sides. You can find a vast inventory of pie safes on eBay.

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