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About Pickup Covers

You have put in the long hours playing, and now you are ready to customize your guitar to match your sound. Pickup covers protect the custom pickups you add to your guitar, and they ensure you get the best tone possible. eBay has listings for every type of pickup cover on the market, including items in varying colors, with or without holes. You can grab products from some of the leading manufacturers on the market, like DiMarzio pickup covers. Check out pickups for specific brands and models, like Fender covers to add to your Stratocaster. Bass pickup covers are also available on the site. These items come in sets of two or three to match the pickup style they are compatible with, and some include adjustment knobs. Reliable sellers list new items alongside used ones to help you find your ideal setup. When you are ready to start building your own sound, complete your guitar's look and feel with pickup covers.