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About Pickguards

To many guitar players, the pickguard is more than just a functional part of the guitar. Although it protects the guitar's wood from getting pick scratches during strumming, it also offers a chance to get a bit creative. Installing a decorative pickguard is a simple modification that lets you customize your guitar and allows your personality to shine through. Acoustic pickguards range from basic black to rosewood, but many also have folky feels to them, with adornments such as carved wood embellishments or pearl inlays. Electric pickguards come in all sorts of different motifs, from glitter to skulls, letting you look like a rock star on stage. Whether you want to replace a worn pickguard, give your guitar a customized look, or build your own guitars, the trusted sellers on eBay offer a wide range of products. Browse through selections designed for specific models, such as Strat pickguards, or choose a handmade custom product.