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About Piano Stools

Grand and baby grand pianos receive a lot of attention and respect, not only for the music they produce, but also because the instruments themselves are beautiful. However, these magnificent instruments need the help of piano stools to be truly user-friendly. Whether you are just learning to play the keyboard or you have an antique piano decorating your home, you need a stool that will support the musician and match your decor. Within the vast inventory on eBay, there are stools capable of serving both purposes. Those who only set up a keyboard occasionally may prefer a foldable and adjustable piano stool that is easy to transport from place to place and convenient to store away after use. If the stool is for use with an antique piano, an antique stool is most appropriate. Carefully-crafted vintage piano stools are available in wood and metal, often incorporating intricate designs into the legs and featuring glass ball or claw feet. Older stools may still offer comfort and functionality. Many have swivel tops and padding to keep musicians comfortable as they play.

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