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About Photochromic Sunglasses

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel or outdoors, you know that traditional sunglasses are not always dark enough to protect your eyes on bright, sunny days. Photochromic sunglasses adapt to higher levels of ultraviolet light due to imbedded silver halides in the lenses, so they darken with exposure to brighter sunlight and fade when you go indoors or as the sun goes down. If you like fishing, boating, skiing, jogging, cycling, or any other activities that expose your eyes to glare, polarized photochromic sunglasses provide even more protection. Polarized lenses use a special filter to block out harsh horizontal light to reduce eye strain, improve clarity, and eliminate glare. For a stylish look, a pair of Oliver Peoples aviators with sleek metal frames and photochromic lenses combine fashion and function. If you want high-performance photochromic cycling sunglasses, a pair of Oakley Radarlock Vented glasses provides total protection with an iridium coating for maximum clarity and impact protection. Find a pair photochromic sunglasses for every style with the large inventory on eBay.