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About Phoenix Coyotes

You may wonder what hockey and cacti have in common, but the Phoenix Coyotes have made these two seemingly incompatible things a hit in the desert. Although the team sometimes plays during some scorching weather, residents of Phoenix flock enthusiastically support the coolest professional product in town. Hockey in Phoenix reached the pinnacle of success when NHL legend Wayne Gretzky became part owner of the franchise in 2000, as Gretzky bought into what Phoenix sports fans already knew, which is that hockey has a significant impact on the commercial viability of the largest city in the American Southwest. The popularity of the Phoenix Coyotes keeps the registers humming through purchases of sporting goods and sport memorabilia, so why bother waiting in line for the most popular Coyotes gear when you can go online to eBay and find reliable sellers who offer new and used items like a Phoenix Coyotes hat or a Phoenix Coyotes t-shirt? The stylish design of the team's logo that features a howling coyote makes the team's merchandise line among the most popular among NHL franchises, so buy your Coyotes gear on eBay and have a howling good time at the games.