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About Philips Shaver

The Philips shaver has been one of the most popular choices in the personal grooming products markt since the 1950s, especially after the company added a second head. Today, the three-headed shaver is a great choice for a close shave. The heads are flexible, so they follow the curves of your face, providing an even closer shave than other razors. However, shaver heads can eventually grow dull, and shaving with dull heads may cause skin irritation and discomfort. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy replacement heads. Many reliable sellers on eBay offer both the shaver units and new heads, so you can continue to have smooth skin and get rid of the stubble. Using a rechargeable Philips shaver is convenient, since you are not tethered by a power cord and can move to where you can see better. You can place the shaver charger in a safe location, away from a water source, so it will be ready to use later.