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About Philco Radio

Imagine sitting around a Philco radio listening to "Fireside Chats," "Abbott and Costello," and "The Grand Ole Opry." Those were the days, long before flat screen TVs, when life was simpler and people could not believe that sound, news, music, and entertainment could come from a box in their living room or kitchen. If you want to live or relive those golden years, you can find an antique Philco radio within the vast inventory on eBay. The larger ones connect to a floor tube and speakers, stand on their own, and offer only an AM band, along with the long-defunct SW band. FM was unheard-of when these radios first appeared on the market. Choose an art deco look with a 1937 Philco radio that features light-up dials. If you only have space for a smaller vintage radio, a Philco transistor radio can be a charming display item in your living or kitchen, as well as a good conversation piece. Philco transistors featured an AM dial and made music conveniently portable for the first time. With 1960s versions compact enough to hold in one hand, the era of transistor radios was born. Take a trip back to yesteryear with a Philco radio.

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