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About PEX

It is time to renovate your bathroom and you have all of the big items, such as the toilet and sink, but you are not sure about what you need for the pipes and tubes to connect everything. PEX tubing is exactly what you are looking for. Proper plumbing in the bathroom is imperative. You do not want to flush the toilet and see water leaking on to your floor. PEX tubing is a much better alternative than copper, which is commonly used as this type of tubing is a form of plastic, so it will not rust and corrode the way copper does. It is easy to install into the existing pipes that you have in the bathroom, all you need is a PEX crimping tool. The tubing comes in three different colors, with red and blue being two of them, so that you can keep track of the hot and cold water if you choose. Every color of PEX tubing is available on eBay. Try something new, and affordable, instead of copper and buy PEX tubing to fix your plumbing needs.